David Grace

What a great set-up at the Welsh Open

"Joe Johnson split the pack up from behind and I made a break of about 30, which felt like about 100 at the time!"

David Grace on playing some of the game's greats, and a tribute to Paul Hunter at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds.

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I'd love to reach the televised stages at the UK Championship

"The Barbican sports hall might be a bit low-key, but hopefully I can win that and play in the main arena."

David Grace faces Yu Delu in his first-round match in York - and will have plenty there to cheer him on.

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Opportunity knocks

"My practice partner Peter Lines had two good wins in Wuxi to reach the last 16. Under the old format, he wouldn’t have even made the venue!"

David Grace gives a big thumbs-up to the new flat 128 system and says it's up to him to grab his chance.

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David Grace


Name: David Grace
Date of birth: May 5, 1985
Lives: Leeds
Turned pro: 2008
World ranking: 87
Best ranking performance: Last 48 China Open 2012
Highest tournament break: 139 (2011-12 PTC3)


What make of cue do you use? Stamford Cuemakers
How many 147 breaks have you made, in competition or practice? Six, including two in amateur competition
Who is the best player you’ve ever played? I played John Higgins in a PTC. Well, I sat down for four frames!
Who is the greatest player ever to pick up a snooker cue? Stephen Hendry
What is your favourite tournament venue? The best one I've played at was the PTC in Munich, but it has to be the Crucible
Best moment in snooker? Winning the 2008 European Amateur Championship 7-6 to qualify for the Tour for the first time. I couldn't stop smiling
Worst moment in snooker? Probably dropping off the Tour the first time, I’d worked so hard for years to get there and I was off by February
What is your strongest trait as a player? Getting out of snookers
What is your walk-on music, and why? Something by Oasis, my favourite band ever, but I haven't decided which song yet
Greatest match you’ve ever been involved in, win or lose? Against Jimmy White in the UK Championship in 2008. I lost 9-8 but it was the first time I’d played a legend of the game


Three things you like? 1) Leeds United 2) Painting 3) Sausages
Three things you hate? 1) Losing 2) TV soaps 3) Bad drivers
Three things you want? 1) Success 2) Respect 3) Happiness
Three things you regret? I dont regret anything. If we didn’t fall, we wouldn’t learn to pick ourselves back up
Three things that need doing at home? 1) Tidy up 2) Sort stuff out 3) Sell some old trophies

Follow David on Twitter: @daveg147

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