Mark Selby

The Crucible can do strange things to a player

"If you’re playing well, it’s the best venue, but if you’re struggling, it’s the worst."

Mark Selby looks ahead to his World Championship first-round match against Michael White.

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Would I go on I'm A Celebrity like Steve Davis? Maybe one day...

"I’m not sure if I could eat the bugs in the jungle. There would be a lot of hungry camp-mates!"

Mark Selby is backing Steve Davis to do well in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - but first there's his UK Championship title to defend.

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Being a snooker player doesn't get much better than this

"If I can still compete at on the tour at Steve Davis's age, I will do so. But to be honest, I will just be happy to still be walking at 55!"

Mark Selby on how he plans to keep on playing as long as possible.

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Player Profile

Mark Selby


Name: Mark Selby
Date of birth: June 19, 1983
Lives: Leicester
Turned pro: 1999
World ranking: No.2
Best ranking performance: 2008 Welsh Open, 2011 Shanghai Masters, 2012 UK Championship
Highest tournament break: 147 (2009 Jiangsu Classic)


What make of cue do you use? Stamford Cues. I had a Parris cue until a few years back but it got to the stage that I needed a new one. I used to take my cue to Stamford for repairs as they’re only 45 minutes away, and they put a few on display for me and I picked one that felt comfortable. That was in 2007 and I’ve been using it ever since.
How many 147 breaks have you made, in competition or practice? One in competition, and around 85 in practice. I used to keep count but don’t so much anymore.
Who is the best player you’ve ever played? Stephen Hendry. He broke so many records and just had everything. I played him in my first year on tour when he was at his peak, and it was an honour to play him.
Who is the greatest player ever to pick up a snooker cue? See above!
What is your favourite tournament venue? I wouldn’t say the Crucible is the best venue, but it is the best playing arena, it’s second to none. And especially when it’s down to the one-table situation. And also because it’s where the World Championship is held, my favourite event.
Best moment in snooker? Winning the Masters on my debut in 2008.
Worst moment in snooker? Where do I start?! Probably losing to Mark King in the first round of the World Championship in 2008. I’d had a great year and went there in top form, full of confidence and thinking of winning the title after finishing runner-up the previous year.
What is your strongest trait as a player? My temperament. It’s got better and better as I’ve progressed, and it helps bring out the best in me when I’m in pressure situations.
What is your walk-on music, and why? It’s still Underdog by Kasabian. I know a few of the band and, because they’re from Leicester, it was an obvious choice. I suppose I should think about changing it though, I can’t really call myself an underdog when I’m world No.1!
Greatest match you’ve ever been involved in, win or lose? Beating Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-9 in the final of the 2010 Masters, when I fought back from 9-6 down. I’d never experienced an atmosphere like it, nor have I since.


Three things you like? 1) Football 2) Vikki 3) Music
Three things you hate? 1) Vikki! No, try Marmite instead 2) Spiders 3) Snakes
Three things you want? 1) To be world champion 2) Children 3) To keep playing as long as possible
Three things you regret? 1) Not being by my dad’s bedside when he passed away 2) Not meeting Vikki earlier 3) My dad not seeing me play as a professional – he passed away the month before
Three things that need doing at home? 1) There are more than three! Vikki says the curtains in the dining room need putting up 2) Vikki says the log cabin in the garden needs painting 3) Vikki says the sink needs fixing!

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