Would I go on I'm A Celebrity like Steve Davis? Maybe one day...

I play Shane Castle in the first round of the UK Championship tomorrow and I’m really excited about defending my title. I’ve been working hard in preparation, but I’ve also been trying to relax too, to make sure I’m fighting fit and ready.

Talking of relaxing, have you been watching Steve Davis on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here? I have, he’s been brilliant so far and I think he’s got a really good chance of winning.

Knowing Steve as I do, he’s very competitive and a born winner, and he’ll definitely have his sights set on being crowned King of the Jungle. He loves a challenge, and there can’t be many more challenging things than eating grubs and crocodile testicles!

Steve is the second snooker star to appear in the jungle after Jimmy White a few years back, and look how well the Whirlwind did. People seem to love seeing snooker celebrities in the jungle, and Steve is absolutely the right man to be there.

He’s a legend and has been on TV for decades, so it made perfect sense. And as his snooker career is not what it used to be, with him unlikely to be challenging for major honours again, this gives him an opportunity to win something.

Would I go on the show? It’s definitely something I would consider, although I’m not sure if I could eat the bugs. There would be a lot of hungry camp-mates! Having said that, if you’ve gone two or three days without eating anything, I suppose anything would look appetising!

I’d fancy myself with the other trials though, it would be a good challenge. Although maybe not the ones that are water-based, on account of the fact I can’t swim!

I don’t think I would go on while my snooker career is at its peak, it’s probably something for later in life. But never say never. Steve being there is certainly good for snooker, and is great exposure for our sport. I heard the other day that, in terms of viewing figures, snooker is second only to football. These are good times.

You do have to think about what lies ahead in the future, when your career on the table is drawing to a close. It’s not something I’m thinking about too much at the moment, because I’ve still got a good few years left in me yet, I hope! But snooker has been very good to me and given me a good life, so I’d like to think I can stay in the game in some capacity and give something back.

Being a commentator appeals to me, as does being a pundit in the studio, like John Parrott or Steve Davis. But that’s some way off yet, so who knows.

On the table, things are clicking together for me, and just at the right time now that the UK Championship is in full swing. I definitely want to keep a firm hold on that trophy for another year. After a poor run of form so far this season, I won the Antwerp Open the other week and I reached the semi-finals of the Champion of Champions, so hopefully things are all coming together at just the right time for York.

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